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FRW is composed of a layer of insulation which is outer of Heat wire spiral wound fiberglass
Rated voltage 300V
Outer diameter 1.0-5.5mm
Temperature resistance: 105-200 degrees
Resistance range: 0.1-3000Ω/ m
Heating wire material: Constantan,Kang manganese copper alloy,Copper-nickel-zinc alloy strip, Nickel nobelium alloy or copper and nickel alloy, etc
Bending test more than 5000 times, winding test more than 25,000 times
Product life: 10000H or more
Suitable for electric heating, refrigerator air conditioning, electric blankets, electric toilet pads, foot basin, rice cookers, electric plate rice cookers, pipe warm, car cushion, electric slimming belt, massage chairs, health care equipment, frozen defrost equipment