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F-class self-adhesive Triple insulated wire can be directly heated and  self-adhesive for the transformer, no need insulation layer tape and retaining wall, use TIW -F- ZN, The transformer can reduce its volume and save the overall material costs.
Conductor size: 0.15MM to 1.00MM
Temperature class: B / F / H (130,155,180 ℃)
Working voltage: 1000vms
Solder temperature: 420-470℃
Insulation break up voltage can reach more than 15KV
Resistant to chemical solvents and good insulation properties
Complies with UL-2353, VDE IEC 60950/61558 and CQC safety requirements
TIW -B / F / H-LZ-7 complies with EU ROHS2.0, HF and REACH environmental requirements