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Position: Sales Manager       Number of recruits: 3 people
一、Job Responsibilities

1、Depth research, insight into the market demand, open up domestic and foreign markets business;
2、Do market analysis and planning, develop new customers;
3、Responsible for the maintenance of customer relationships, enhance the company's image。
1、More than 2 years experience in insulated wire or transformer industry sales;
2、There is a certain industry customer resources priority;

Position: Business Assistant (English)     Number of recruits: 1 person

一、Job Responsibilities
1,Responsible for foreign customers with the whole work;
2,Sale follow-up to help customers solve the problem, deal with customer quality complaints。
3,Translation and management of documents
1、Female, college and above; English related professional;
2、More than 2 years working experience in foreign trade, familiar with order review process and customer relationship management;
3、Excellent communication and communication skills, English listening and speaking ability。
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